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Beyond being a simple manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, OPÉRASOL supports its clients in the design and the production of complete systems including not ony the modules or power management but also the structural elements for positionning, deployment and/or transport. 

Photovoltaic structure


Whether for time deployment issues, handling, transport, mechanical strengh, weather resistance (...), OPÉRASOL can adapt its technology to offer solutions to the specifications submited. Moreover, by taking into account the photovolatic modules implantation, the electricity production can be modelised on a year scale to optimise it at best. 

Added to the solar modules production line, OPÉRASOL disposes of 2CA - CONCEPT COMPOSITES AUVERGNE's production and design capabilities. Based on its expertise on composite materials  and metalworking, OPÉRASOL has the capapibility to develop, design and produce customised structures internally.  

The standard modules of  28 and 60 cells, added to be lightweight and self structurals, include through inserts in the panel thickness, dedicated to assembly. This feature allows a versatility for assembly, mainly on the necessity of using an external frame. If a frame is still necessary, it remains of course possible, in addition to or in remplacement of the inserts.

Photovoltaic structure



If you want the OPÉRASOL teams to study your project/specifications and offer you a solution:


Photovoltaic structure