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Operasol : Photovoltaic and solar autonomous systems


OPÉRASOL proposes ultra light custom or standard complete photovoltaic systems. They are designed and manufactured in France, for autonomous solar energy production solutions adapted to all conditions.

OPÉRASOL developped a set of technical solutions and skills to propose fully customizable photovoltaic systems. Modules, structures and produced electricity management are fully adaptable to meet the most varied specifications, for civil or military applications.

Modularity, weight, conformability, structurability, design and supply of structure elements, definition and supply of power management ... all parameters can be adapted by OPÉRASOL Teams.

Opérasol : Autonomous solar panel


Initialy, OPÉRASOL developped a patented technology  based on composite materials and a set of skills to offer tailor-made and fully configurable photovoltaic modules.

Whether it concerns front and back faces (composite materials, frontsheet film, backsheet film, glass-glass, metal-backing ...), cells, encapsulant, core materials of composite modules, the Design office and OPÉRASOL R&D department can design and propose solutions adapted to clients specifications. 

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Solar panel composition

Beyond photovoltaic modules

Far beyond being a photovoltaic modules manufacturer, OPÉRASOL is a french designer and manufacturer of complete photovoltaic systems.

The offer includes design, sizing and manufacture of autonomous photovoltaic systmes with management of the produced electricity (MPPT, batteries, wiring ...) and all of the components for assembly, positionning, fixing and transportation of complete systems.


Diagram of complete photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic power management.

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Photovoltaic module structure and support.

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Photovoltaic and solar technology.

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OPÉRASOL's objective is to provide its customers with specific complete photovoltaic systems, autonomous and according to the expressed needs, usable in various conditions and environments, for civil or military applications.


Realizations for OPÉRASOL's clients

OPÉRASOL's Teams have the pleasure to be in charge of very diverse projects for applications equalliy diverses, but always demanding. These applications necessited to develop innovative solutions based on standarts or custom modules, with or without integration of power management.

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Solar panel achievement


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Opérasol : Autonomous solar panel