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OPÉRASOL is a commercial brand of the french company 2CA - Concept Composites Auvergne, gathering its photovoltaic activity. It's the fruit of a 4 years mutual development between 2CA - Concept Composites Auvergne and CEA-LITEN. It is linked to an innovative technology of lightweight and high efficency photovoltaic modules. 

Chronicle :

- May 2013 :
             First contact between  2CA and CEA -LITEN

- September 2014 :
             Creation of a RAPID project between DGA/CEA/2CA for development of lightweight composite photovoltaic modules 

- September 2016 :
             Creation of the OPÉRASOL commercial brand, Addtionnal R&D and indutrialisation work.

- 2017 - 2018 :
             First contracts with DGA, CNES, ATERMES (...). Technological transfer and production in CEA workshops

- 2019 - 2020 :
             Creation of a dedicated workshop in 2CA plant in Auvergne France for internal production on a specific production line. 

- 2021 - .... :
             Autonomous production and development of own products and new technological solutions for clients.

With the creation of own productions, especially as a first step the 60 cells modules for a client, OPÉRASOL managed to transversalize the developed technology to new products and processes to meet new markets and specifications.

Its fully customisable design, dimensionnally, structurally or electrically, allows OPÉRASOL teams to answer optimally to a multitude of specifications, while creating throught R&D new technological solutions to propose. 

Opérasol : Company


2CA - Concept Composites Auvergne

2CA - Concept Composites Auvergne is a french company implanted in Auvergne, close to Ambert. It employs 95 persons for a 8.2M€ turnover and is part of the REXIAA Group. 

2CA is specialized in engineery and manufacturing of composite parts in the broad sense, intervening very early in a product life cycle , from R&D phases to providing complete systems, equiped, painted and ready to be installed. 

Its activity focuses on industry in the broad sense, transport (road, urban, rail), aeronautics, military or construction market (...). 2CA operates as well as on R&D , co design and/or manufacturing of enclosure and structural composite parts. Its customers include railroad main actors, vehicle manufacturers, autonomous car manufacturers or industrial component suppliers. 2CA can produce prototypes, small or large quantities.

Beyond OPÉRASOL and composite parts manufacturing, 2CA is also active on construction industry with the supply of natural smoke extraction systems (SHEVS - Smoke and Heat Ventilation System) throught its commercial brand Dômes du puy
in general, 2CA wishes to support its clients in a sustainable and competitive way on complex and ambitious projects. 

More information about 2CA on its dedicated website.

2CA's commercial brochure  2CA's commercial brochure

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REXIAA Group, located in Issoire in France, is specialized in design, development and production of composite, metallic, and hybrid parts and sub-assemblies. 

The group is structured around 8 complementary companies working together, offering a reactive, global and complete subcontracting solution.
Specialized in complexe small series productions for aeronautics, the group has invested on cutting-edge technology in the composites field, tool manufacturing, metallic and hybride parts manufacturing, mainly through external companies integration.

With 9 plants, employing 530 persons and with a 60M€ turnover , REXIAA Group operates with the main actors of defense, aeronautics and a mutitude of different sectors, with a global, complete and diversified offer.

More information on REXIAA Group on their website

REXIAA GROUP presentation  REXIAA GROUP presentation

Opérasol : Company